Hydrogel antimicrobial dressing «OpikUn»® (30х20 см) - 1 pc.

137 UAH
Minimal order 3 pcs.

Antimicrobial hydrogel bandages and dressings "OpikUn" ®, manufactured by "Zentex" company are an effective first aid for burns and open wounds. In addition, antimicrobial gel bandages and dressings "OpikUn" ® are successfully used for trophic ulcers, in the treatment of pressure ulcers, after surgery, in cosmetology, and after tattooing.

Main distinctive properties of OpikUn ® hydrogel dressings used in the treatment of burns and wounds:
- completely ready for use;
- do not stick to the wound, can be easily removed when placed, without injuring the burned or wounded area;
- can be applied to a burn or wound by either side;
- do not create discomfort and pain when applied to a burn or wound;
- have antimicrobial effect;
- have an antibacterial effect;
- well moisturizing and cooling damaged skin area;
- prevent burning in case of burns and wounds;
- relieve inflammation, reduce pain;
- prevent the formation of blisters and dropsies if applied immediately after a burn;
- promote wound healing and skin regeneration;
- allows affected skin area under the bandage to breathe and be supplied with oxygen;
- allow you to inject medicinal substances or anesthesia into the affected area directly through the bandage without removing it.

Hydrogel dressings "OpikUn" ® are recommended as an effective means of first aid, as well as to accelerate healing and prevent complications after burns and wounds:
- for home first aid kits;
- for car and office first aid kits;
- for first aid kits of preschool and educational institutions;
- as well as for army tactical medicine kits.

Dimensions (mm) 8,5х23 см
Manufacturer Зентекс
Weight Net (g)
Weight Gross (g) 35
Shelf Life 3 года
Application при ожогах; при лечении ран, трофических язв, пролежней, для заживления кожи после нанесения татуировок и т. п.
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